Cabling houses for the NBN

As most Australians are aware, the Federal Government is going ahead with the National Broadband Network or NBN.

However the vast majority of houses do not have cabling installed that would allow the residents to take full advantage of the amazing internet speeds being offered by the NBN.

In order to make the most of the Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) system, it will be necessary for data network cabling, for example CAT5E or CAT6 cabling to be installed from each bedroom, study and loungeroom to a Network Switch, which is connected to one of the four available data ports on the Optical Network Terminal or ONT.

The ONT is a grey box which will be installed by the NBN’s contractors onto an external wall of each house. The optical fibre will be run from the street, up into the ONT, and then the Media Converter inside the ONT will split out the signal from the optical fibre into internet, telephone lines and television signals. The four data ports on the ONT are likely to be for four separate services – that is the ONT does not have a 4-port Network Switch inside, but 4 separate data service ports.

Many homes will certainly need to connect more than one computer to the internet, and therefore, to obtain the full benefit of the FTTP network, it will be necessary to install a Structured Cabling System throughout each home. This Structured Cabling System would likely comprise 4 to 12 CAT6 ethernet lines which run to each point in the home or business premises where a phone or computer will need to be connected. Each line will run back to a central patch panel, and be connected into the Network Switch, which will share the internet connection between all the connected devices.

For blocks of apartments, for multi-dwelling properties, NBN Co is likely to attempt to install an optical fibre directly to each apartment, and use a compact internal ONT rather than the wall-mounted external ONT used for houses. This however may not be possible in all buildings, particularly older buildings where there is little or no provision for new cabling. One proposed solution is a bank of ONTs near the existing MDF (Main Distribution Frame) which connect to the existing copper telephone cable system. Using VDSL to carry the data, this system would still deliver very good speeds because the copper cable run would be very short.

Anyone who is tech savvy, those in small business, and anyone who is into gaming will already recognise the need to install suitable high-speed data network cabling in their house in preparation for the roll-out of the ONT.

Small business operators will be able to take advantage of working from home with big-business quality VOIP telephone systems, faster access to e-commerce, on-line banking and many other essential business systems.

Sydney Electrical & Data’s team of qualified telecommunications technicians and ACMA Registered Cablers will be working throughout the NBN roll-out to assist home owners and businesses get connected to the NBN as quickly and smoothly as possible.

If you have any queries about getting your premises ready for the NBN, or if you are ready to get started, contact us today to discuss your requirements with our technicians.