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    Virtually everything needs a connection to the internet these days. Computers, phone systems, printers, appliances, smart devices, wi-fi access points. At some point, most networks rely on copper communications cabling to connect things together.

    At Sydney Electrical & Data, our technicians are experts in data and communications cabling. Our team includes  Austel approved electricians, (also known as ACMA Registered Cablers). Our data cabling installers have many years of experience installing ethernet cabling solutions in commercial buildings and homes.

    Most customers choose CAT6 cabling for standard office installations, however our customers who are involved in media and video production go for CAT6A as a minimum and often will have us install fibre optic cabling all the way to their computers.

    Some customers are also having us install CAT7 data cabling, however we advise customers that CAT7 is better suited to completely new installations, rather than to renovations or retrofits, because CAT7 cable has a large bending radius. That means that in order to get the full performance that the cable is designed for, bends in the cable need to be quite gentle. So if there are tight corners, CAT6 cable is usually a better option.

    We supply and install both wall mounted communications cabinets, also known as data racks and also the floor standing communications racks.  We like to install cable management rails in between patch panels, this helps to keep your patch cords tidy when your data cabinet starts to fill up!

    Many customers ask us to relocate optical fibre cables across office floors or run an optical fibre link between floors, for customers where they have offices on more than one level in the building. Our fibre optic technicians and network integration technicians can recommend and quote the best optical fibre option for your application.

    Do you need some help resolving your connection to the NBN? Many customers are finding that the NBN is connecting their new internet service to a location at their building that is really inconvenient, such as to a wall box out the front, or to a location in the MDF room. Sydney Electrical & Data’s ACMA Registered cablers are experts in resolving NBN connection issues. We can test NBN cabling that you have concerns about and we can install new cabling to move your NBN connection to the ideal location in your server room or wherever your NBN modem or router is located.

    If you have old, redundant cabling that needs to be removed or tidied-up, please get in touch with us. Lots of cabling systems have been made redundant by the NBN. If you need help with your lift phone line, Fire Panel ASE phone line, tracing old phone lines, working out which phone lines are ok to disconnect, then Sydney Electrical & Data can help.

    Call us today to talk about your data and communications needs.