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The NBN is currently rolling out around Sydney and many people are finding
that they need the support of a specialist NBN cabling contractor to assist with getting the right cabling solution for their premises.

Some home owners are finding that they were previously on ADSL, but are now
on an NBN HFC service, meaning that the need coaxial cabling run through their
home to get the new NBN service to the place where their modem and router
have always been located.

Other home or business owners are finding that their new NBN service will in
fact be “Fibre to the Curb”, which utilises their old telephone lead-in cabling. However as those conduits and cables are many decades old, sometimes the lead-in cable and/or the lead-in conduit need to be replaced so that the correct speed and reliability of the NBN FTTC service can be achieved.

No matter what the cabling issue is, Sydney Electrical & Data have the
knowledge and the experience to get your new cabling installed and working to
maximum capacity.

Sydney Electrical & Data’s telecommunications technicians are ACMA
Registered Cablers, meaning that we are licensed to carry out copper cabling,
HFC cabling, Coaxial cabling and optical fibre cabling as needed to help resolve your NBN cabling needs.

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