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    At Sydney Electrical & Data, we are ACMA Registered Telecommunications Cablers who are endorsed to provide all types of telecommunications and data cabling installation. Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7, HFC Coaxial and Optical Fibre Cabling are the most frequently installed types of cabling.

    ADSL and NBN FTTB, NBN FTTC installations

    Sometimes when a new NBN or ADSL service is installed, your ISP may advise you that you need to contact an ACMA Licensed Cabler to complete your installation. Sometimes the ISP will call this A to B jumper installation or MDF jumper installation.

    If your new service has been installed in a commercial building or an apartment building, your ISP or Telecommunications Carrier often will only install the new service to the perimeter of the building – a place which is referred to as the “Network Boundary.” The network boundary is usually at the Communications Room, or the MDF Room.

    If your ISP or Telecommunications Provider has advised you that your new service is installed, tested and tagged at the MDF, then it is time to call us on (02) 9086 9229, so we can arrange to complete your installation.

    Sydney Electrical & Data’s telecommunications technicians have several standard keys for access to most MDF rooms including NMB, TEL, XYZ, MLV and ABLOY. If you are not sure about what key will be required, please phone us, or consult your building manager.

    If it is a new NBN FTTB, FTTC, ADSL or Naked DSL service, our technicians will connect the new service to the socket in your apartment or office, and then test your DSL synchronisation and connection speed using specialised test equipment.

    ADSL / VDSL Speed or Connection Issues

    Having problems with your NBN FTTB, FTTC or DSL internet connection? Slow speed? No ADSL sync? Internet Drop-outs? We can help.

    Internet Service Providers (ISPs) require customers to use an Austel / ACMA registered technician to install or troubleshoot phone and data wiring related to the DSL connection inside the customer’s premises. This includes the installation of the ADSL central splitter/filter, and associated cabling after the network boundary.

    Drop-outs, slow speed, and no sync are all common problems that can be quickly diagnosed and repaired.

    Not sure if the problem is at your end? We have the right test equipment to detect and locate DSL faults. If the fault is not inside your premises, we can provide information to your ISP to assist them in locating and rectifying the fault.

    Call us today and let us solve your internet connection problems.