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    Telephone Cabling and DSL installation

    Sydney Electrical & Data can help solve your ADSL, Naked DSL and Telephone line problems. Our team includes several Austel approved electricians, (also known as ACMA Registered Cablers). SE&D is ACMA licensed, holding Master Cabler Licence T32494 and is fully endorsed to provide telephone and DSL cabling within your premises. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) require [...]
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    Optical Fibre Cabling

    Sydney Electrical & Data provides optical fibre cabling installation services for commercial data and telecommunications applications. Our licensed electricians are also Austel Registered cablers (also known as ACMA Registered Cablers). SE&D offer Optical Fibre Cabling solutions for high speed data transmission over long distances or where high throughput is required. Typical applications include installing an [...]
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    Structured Cabling for Ethernet / Data

    Sydney Electrical & Data provides data and communications cabling services for commercial and domestic applications. Our team includes several Austel approved electricians, (also known as ACMA Registered Cablers). SE&D is ACMA licensed, holding Master Cabler Licence A028929 and is fully endorsed to provide telephone, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, coaxial, optical fibre and intercom cabling services. Structured [...]
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    Test and Tag Services

    Sydney Electrical & Data has a team of test and tag technicians who provide on-site testing and tagging of appliances, leads and RCDs to Australian Standard AS/NZS3760 throughout Sydney and nationally. Our qualified test and tag technicians are available to visit your workplace to inspect your electrical appliances and tools, as well as any RCDs [...]
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    Power Factor Correction

    Power Factor Correction is an increasingly important tool in the effort to help large power consumers save on electricity bills. To help you get the maximum energy savings, Sydney Electrical & Data can assist with the installation and maintenance of Power Factor Correction units. For commercial and industrial customers, you may be paying too much [...]
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    Electrical Data Logging

    Sydney Electrical & Data provides electrical data logging services for customers who need reliable information about their power quality and energy consumption. An Electricity Data Logger, also known as a Power Analyser or Power Quality Analyser enables us to capture a range of measurements over a period of time, typically one week to two weeks. Our [...]
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    Emergency & Exit Light Testing and Maintenance

    Sydney Electrical & Data provides testing of emergency and exit lights to Australian Standard AS 2293. AS/NZS 2293 requires emergency lights and exit lights to be tested every 6 months to ensure that they will function correctly in the case of an emergency. It is essential that emergency lighting and exit lighting will operate from [...]
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    Thermal Imaging of switchboards (Thermography)

    Sydney Electrical & Data conducts Thermographic Imaging as a method of early fault detection. Thermal imaging is used as a preventative tool, and allows the detection of developing faults, before they cause system failure or worse problems such as an electrical fire. Thermography measures the radiant heat pattern which is emitted from electrical components in [...]
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