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    LED Lighting Solutions

    Experts in lighting with a qualified lighting designer.

    Sydney Electrical & Data are experts in lighting with a qualified lighting designer and licensed electricians available to resolve all your LED issues.

    LED lights flickering

    Are your LEDs flickering in the evening? Some people notice their LEDs pulsing or flashing. Sometimes people notice that their L.E.D. lighting performs quite normally during the day, but flickers at night. Are you concerned about interference with your LED lights? Contact us now for the quick and simple solution.

    LED dimming problems

    Are your dimmers not working properly with your LED lighting? Perhaps you can’t dim your LEDs low enough? Perhaps your LEDs aren’t bright enough on your dimmer? DO your LEDs buzz or hum when you dim them? Do your LEDs flicker when you dim them? Perhaps your dimmer is causing your LEDs to pulse? Contact us now for the quick and simple LED dimmer solution you need.

    LED lights too blue or LED lights too orange

    Is the light that your LEDs produce looking too blue or too grey or too green? Do your LEDs look to orange or too pink? We have the solution that will give you LED lighting that looks a natural, attractive white colour. Contact us now to correct the colour of your LED lights.

    LED lights too bright or too dim

    Is the light that your LEDs produce too bright? Is the light that your LEDs produce too dim for your needs? We havea huge range of top quality LED lighting products available and we have an LED light to suit your needs. Contact us now for the quick and simple solution

    LED upgrade for energy efficiency

    Are your electricity bills on the rise? Save on power costs with LED lighting. There is an LED lighting solution to suit your needs, and it may cost less than you’d think to make the change. LEDs are better for the environment and will save you money. Contact us now for an LED solution to your lighting needs.

    Whatever the problem with your LED lighting, contact Sydney Electrical & Data now to have your LED lighting problems addressed by an electrician who is an expert in LED lighting.