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    In 2012, new Work Health and Safety legislation was enacted in NSW. Part of the changes mean that all employers and premises controllers (i.e. building owners, property managers etc) need to consider retrofitting RCDs (Safety Switches or Residual Current Devices) to circuits that supply power points (up to 20Amps)Residual Current Devices (RCDs) need to be regularly inspected and tested by licensed electricians using specialised equipment that measures the time in which an RCD responds in an unsafe situation, known as the “RCD Trip Time Test”. The sensitivity of the RCD can also be tested, using an “RCD Ramp Current Test”.

    Sydney Electrical & Data can inspect and test your RCDs (Safety Switches) and provide you with an electronic database and report which meets WHS requirements.

    Utilizing our specialised testing equipment, our licensed electricians throughout Sydney can test your RCDs to all of the relevant standards including:

    AS/NZS 3000 – For RCDs installed in buildings
    AS/NZS 3012 – For RCDs on construction Sites
    AS/NZS 3003 – For RCDs in Patient Treatment Areas (Hospitals and surgeries)
    AS/NZS 3760 – For Portable RCDs

    Sydney Electrical & Data’s electrical contractors can assist with RCD installation, switchboard upgrades and safety audits and all your electrical installation and safety needs.