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Sydney Electrical & Data provides energy audit for strata buildings, commercial buildings and homes.

We utilise Electrical Data Logging equipment or Energy Monitoring equipment
to monitor the total load, as well as loads on individual circuits of interest, to
see how much power is being used and at what times of the day and days of
the week.

We can install energy monitors before an energy efficiency upgrade (such as
the installation of LED lighting) and then produce a report showing the energy
consumption before and after the upgrade works.

There are many ways Sydney Electrical & Data can help you to save on
electricity by installing:

– Timers
– Sensors
– Energy Monitors
– Lighting control systems such as DALI, C-BUS or Dynalite
– Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) on pumps or motors
– Modern air conditioning systems
– Solar generation

If you would like to find ways to save energy at your home or building, please
contact us now for a quote.