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Body Protected Area testing and Cardiac Area testing refer to two different types of electrical Installations which are found in Medical buildings.

All hospital rooms, doctors consulting rooms, dental surgery and other allied health consulting suites or aged care facilities where patients may come into contact with diagnostic or medical equipment are likely to need to be wired and protected as a Body Protected Area or as a Cardiac Area, as required by Australian Standard AS3003 and AS2500.

In these installations, medical grade 10mA RCDs (Residual Current Devices) which protect humans against the risk of electric shock are installed within the patient’s room, rather than in the electrical switchboard.

These RCDs and the earthing systems that protect these rooms must be tested regularly by qualified technicians and records of the results must be kept.

Sydney Electrical & Data technicians are equipped and trained to carry out AS3003 installations and testing.

If you have any questions about electrical testing for medical centres or medical practices, please phone us today.

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